HVAC and Refrigeration

We Consider Carrier to be the Leader in Research and Technology in the HVAC and Refrigeration industry!

Carrier commercial HVAC products, service, systems controls provide sustainable solutions for commercial buildings around the world


Whether retrofitting an existing structure or designing and constructing a record-setting skyscraper, today’s buildings demand sustainable solutions. As we have for the past century, Carrier leads the industry with a whole building approach that leverages our technological and engineering expertise.


Carrier® commercial building solutions are designed to meet the requirements of a variety of building types and applications. But they do share one thing in common: the need to do more with less. Our total solutions deliver industry-leading performance with less energy and lower environmental impact.


With superior quality and performance, the decision to partner with Carrier for commercial systems is an easy one. We make installing and servicing those solutions simple as well. Understanding that proper building control and maintenance can help manage costs and maintain high standards for energy efficiency, Carrier provides the services needed for optimal performance. These include automated building systems, vibration testing, thermal imaging, remote monitoring and other services to help achieve maximum efficiency.


As founding company number one of the U.S. Green Building Council® (USGBC), Carrier has been a leader in green building from the beginning. We serve as consultants on some of the world’s most advanced green building projects and offer green building training and education services to customers and employees across the globe through the Carrier University Institute for Sustainability. We also are USGBC’s largest LEED® education provider.

Carrier air conditioning and control systems preserve the magnificent frescoes of the Sistine Chapel

A Tale of Two Masterpieces

In the fall of 2014, Carrier installed an innovative heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) solution at the Sistine Chapel, specially developed to help preserve Michelangelo’s masterpieces against deterioration caused by an increasing number of visitors.

The new system uses two Carrier® AquaForce® 30XWV water-cooled chillers with Greenspeed® intelligence, each with 580 kilowatts of capacity. It leverages specially designed software and components, as well as patented, energy-saving technologies to maintain optimal climate conditions for the protection of the paintings within the chapel. An intelligent system of controls, linked with an advanced video application from UTC Climate, Controls & Security, enables the HVAC system to anticipate visitor levels and adjust its performance intuitively. To ensure the smooth operation of the new system, the Vatican has chosen to enter into a five-year maintenance contract with Carrier Distribution Italy SpA.

“Our aim now is not restoration, but conservation. This is why we have chosen Carrier, because a masterpiece like the Sistine Chapel needs a comparable masterpiece of technology,” said Antonio Paolucci, director of the Vatican Museums.

Carrier air handlers condition the Sistine Chapel

In addition, the Governatorate of the Vatican City State and United Technologies Corp. have entered into an agreement to ensure the protection and safety of the Vatican Museums’ artwork, spaces and visitors through the deployment of building technologies from UTC companies. According to the terms of the agreement, the parties will work together on integrated solutions spanning HVAC, elevators and escalators, fire detection and alarm, fire suppression and safety, electronic security, access control, video surveillance services and related software solutions, from brands such as Carrier, OtisLenelKiddeChubb and Marioff.

“Today’s excellent outcome reflects the success of the development process. Collaborating for nearly three years with Carrier, my teams and myself were able to establish a fruitful working relationship, and together overcome all obstacles to develop this technical masterpiece,” said the Rev. Rafael García de la Serrana Villalobos, director, Vatican Technical Services.

Hospitality Industry

Carrier provides unique sustainable solutions for hotels and lodging facilities

Innovation Never Rests

From lobbies and ballrooms to guest rooms and conference centers, hotel guests around the world require consistent comfort in every part of the building, every day of the year. More than a mint on the pillow, soft sheets or fluffy towels, comfort is also a product of ideal temperature and humidity. To efficiently meet these demands and ensure guests enjoy their stay, hotels around the world turn to the experts at Carrier – where innovation never rests.

At Carrier, we understand that “downtime” is not a word hotel operators can afford to hear. That is why we provide reliable, quiet and efficient total system solutions to meet hotel heating and cooling needs in diverse climates and environmental conditions – from hot and dry summers in Las Vegas, Nevada to cold and wet winters in Beijing, China.


Green Construction

Carrier delivers on a sustainable future with projects like the ITC Hotel Royal Gardenia

A Sustaining Blueprint

With buildings accounting for 40 percent of all energy consumption worldwide, the drive to create more efficient and sustainable buildings has never been greater. Guided by the core company values of responsibility and environmental stewardship, Carrier is focused on developing sustainable building solutions to provide greater energy efficiency and environmental benefits to customers around the world.

The blueprints for sustainable buildings require the industry’s leading energy-efficient products and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) green building practices – and Carrier delivers both. In Bengaluru, India, for example, Carrier’s expertise, which included the installation of a non-ozone-depleting screw chiller, helped make the ITC Hotel Royal Gardenia the world’s largest, and Asia’s first, LEED Platinum® rated green hotel.


Carrier provides refrigeration solutions to transport and store refrigerated foods like ice cream


Sweet Side of Refrigeration

While it may be called “helado,” “kulfi” or “gelato” by different people around the world, ice cream is universally recognized as a delicious treat. But before it ends up in a dish or cone or gets topped with hot fudge or strawberries, ice cream must be safely transported under precise conditions – the perfect challenge for Carrier, the keepers of cool. This blend of milk, cream and sugar is trusted to be delivered at a consistent temperature by Carrier.

During transport, any temperature fluctuations may cause adverse changes in the texture and flavor of the ice cream. Ice crystals can increase in size, creating “freezer burn” and making the ice cream unacceptable to both retailers and end consumers.