Commercial Turn-Key Package

Multiple Income Sources

Our Enviro-Energy Commercial ‘Turn-Key’ Operation provides the ‘elite level’ of research and technologies.

Each ‘division’ provides a professional level income level for ‘serious’ entrepreneurs, marketing and sales people. 

Our complete ‘turn-key package’ provides powerful income sources for those seeking a career in the ‘enviro-energy’ field.  Feel free to ask any question you consider important to your future career. 


Our team is comprised of 24 operational divisions with each operation boasting a specialist with a minimum of 12 years experience in their specialty fields.

Our research team boasts of six PhDoctorates encompassing the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical  and Electrical Engineering plus Mathematics and Computer Programming 

In short we believe we have the most powerful team every assembled in the combined enviro-energy field.


CoGeneration Electricity

Thermal Energy's CoGeneration solution that maximizes energy use and cost savings.

Reduce electricity costs by up to 70%

​CoGeneration solutions can provide up to 70% savings on electrical costs at a self-generated kWh cost of less than $0.04/kWh, and an additional 10% to 20% natural gas energy savings from up to 90% recovery of heat losses from existing exhaust streams.

HVAC , Cooling Towers, Chillers


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Water Technologies

Booster Pump Stations 

(50% less electricity usage)


Water line Pin-Hole Pipe Lining

Will save high-rise operations tens of thousands of dollars in repairing water lines and dry-wall damage.

In order to explain our pipe lining process, we need to start at the beginning of the problem. You see, in order to provide each resident in your high-rise with hot water on demand, water is constantly recirculating throughout the domestic hot water system. Under pressure from this consistent water flow, copper erodes little by little over time, much like the Grand Canyon. Eventually the erosion creates a breach called a “pinhole leak”. We must drain all the water from the riser to begin preparing the pipes for our epoxy pipe lining process.


Hot water: Tanks & Tankless

Commercial Gas Montage

Industrial Water Salt-using & SALTLESS  Softeners Water  Water Softener and De-Scalers


New & Replacement

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IT Energy Management Platforms and Apps  

Information and Communications Technology

LED Lighting

A  Catalogue of Styles

Products We Manufacture

CoGen Generators

Windows & Doors

LED Lighting


Products in Development for 2018

Smart House Automation:  electricians & do-it-yourself markets

Bio-Mass Energy:  micro & micro systems:  rural markets

 Vertical Wind Generators: Micro & Macro:  new level of efficiency

Hydrogen Fuel Systems


We Finance and ‘Results Insure’ our Energy Systems


Contact:             or call:  226 600 4656